IITans are known to be the torch bearers of the startup world. The brightest of India flock to this premier institute to gain knowledge and wisdom. More often than not, we hear news of IITans getting big funding from Venture Capitalists. So, one might ask, how does Poker fit into all this? On the 16 th of Feb, Pokerlauncher.com organized a poker tourney in its alma mater, IIT Delhi.


The tournament was a huge hit with over 50 participants battling it out for bragging rights to be called the “best poker player in IIT”. The sponsor, Pokerlauncher.com had exciting prizes in store for the winners as well as the final table. The atmosphere was absolutely electric and the grueling tournament lasted for over 5 hours. It had its share of highs, lows and bad beats. In one hand; a player made quads but was sadly beaten by a straight flush.


Finally, Saurya goel was crowned the winner when he took out Rs7000. After trading blows for hours, Dikshant Mittal beat with Q9 suited against A2 off-suit. He has to now defend his title and judging by the skill level of these guys; it is NOT going to be easy. Next time around, they’re gonna come after him with all their weapons.

It was a great initiative taken by Pokerlauncher to promote the fastest growing skill game in India. This is just the beginning and we’re sure there will be many such tournaments to come.