India’s most trust-worthy and popular poker gaming platform, The Spartan Poker known for their endeavours to promote poker as a skill-based mind-sport, the Spartan Poker recently honoured the topmost and highly skilled poker players in the country at the India Poker Championship Awards 2018.

The awards were a gala affair where The Spartan Poker played host to hundreds of poker players from across the country, while the Chief Guest was none other than the Brand Ambassador of The Spartan Poker, Rannvijay Singh Singha.

Rannvijay loves poker and shared his thoughts about the sport among other things, this is what he had to say:

“I am very competitive by nature, whether it is in physical or mental sports” – Rannvijay Singh Singha

A sports enthusiast, passionate sportsperson, actor, anchor, pop-culture icon, among several other titles, Rannvijay Singh has been at the forefront of all things sports whether it is his love for basketball, adventure sports including the most challenging tasks on his reality show MTV Roadies. Among all the physically challenging sports, he admits that playing a mentally-challenging sport is a necessity and his favourite mind-sport is poker, he believes that playing the sport has taught him how to perceive people better.

Speaking about the sport at the IPC Awards hosted by the Spartan Poker, Rannvijay said, “Poker is a sport of the mind, it requires immense practice, concentration, agility and above all a healthy lifestyle. I am an extremely competitive person and so for me, playing a match of poker is like playing any other sport, where I have to put in my best effort and ensure I either win or learn something from the game.”

With a host of projects currently going on, including a semi-professional football team in the upcoming league, a physical transformation series on himself on getting fit, among others; Rannvijay is on a roll but tries to find some time for his favourite activities including sports, whether physical or mental.

Adding to this, he said, “I play a lot of physical sports, ever since I was kid, because my Dad’s in the army and so we played a lot of different sports depending on the season. While I enjoy all the sports I have played but because of my other responsibilities I am not able to give them enough time and energy, but for mental supremacy, I enjoy playing poker, because I can play it without physically being out there. It’s a very intelligent sport, it teaches you a lot about people and yourself, I play as often as I can, I take my Spartan Poker set to the Roadies set/shoot also and we have a great time whenever we get a chance to play.”

Talking about the various kind of players he has encountered, he said, “The most dangerous players in a poker match are women, they play very beautifully and are always alert, making sound decisions. My wife also plays poker, she’s very good at it and I wish more women would play this sport.”

Rannvijay Singh Singha recently felicitated the best poker players in the country at the IPC Awards 2018, hosted by The Spartan Poker.