Poker themed online lifestyle brand The Big Stack will soon be launching an online poker university for players who wish to learn the skill and aspire to be professional in this game.

Founded by Rai Sahib Singh Khurana, Ritesh Tanu and Sunny Kochar, the one year old startup, backed by angel investors, wants to create a platform that would train aspiring players on what to do in every situation and for every kind of hand.

Students at the yet to be launched online poker university will trained by a panel of three coaches, comprising of professional poker player Abhishek Goindi; lawyer turned poker player Prabhat Kiran Mukherjea and one of India’s eminent female poker pros, Pratibha Arya.

Commenting on the decision to launch a poker training plarform, Big Stack founder Khurana noted, “Poker has been a way of life for many successful entrepreneurs across the globe. The game of poker teaches a lot of life skills that can be the success mantra in both life and business.” 

The founders of Big Stack alluded to the fact that poker is already been taught in the curriculum of various top universities in the West such as Harvard, Yale and MIT as well as in IIM Kozhikode in India and hoped that through their new venture, they would be able to change the perception of the masses about the sport of poker and inspire maximum number of aspiring poker players.