5 Steps To become a Pro Poker Player.

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If you have started playing poker, you know that it’s a game of skills & you may be wondering How a Pro Poker Player is so good at this skill. Let me tell you from my experience that it’s not a big deal. You just have to follow some steps to achieve this skill. Also, let me be clear, this game requires more and more practice just like any other game. You may lose a lot or you make a lot through your beginner’s luck. But once you crack the core of this game, you can ace it like any other Pro Poker Player.

Pro Poker Player

Let’s get started with your journey to become a Pro Poker Player:

I Once went a whole summer without seeing the Sun. I would play all night & sleep all Day.

-Doyle Brunson

Analyze everything and Everyone:

This is what every Pro Poker player does when he first sits on the table, He analyzes!

If you want to see the difference between a rookie Poker Player or a Pro Poker Player on the table, you will see that a Rookie player will start to make a bet from the very beginning of the game and a Pro Poker Player will analyze each & every player or thing on the table first. A-Pro Poker player may lose or Fold early in the beginning but do not mistake his move to a Rookie. He is analyzing you, your behavior, your move, and your gameplay. Once, a pro-Poker Player will know all about you then he will start making his move against you & with a blink of your eyes, your stacks of chips will be on his side.

So, If you want to play Poker like a Pro, Analyze Everything First! Then make your move or be ready to lose all your money.

Show me Your Eyes and You may as well Show me Your Cards

-Doyle Brunson

Calculate Every Move

You may not know that but there are some maths involved with this game. I know you may wonder that “Oh God Maths Again!”. Don’t worry is not that difficult like calculus or trigonometry! It’s a simple probability calculation. Let me tell you how it’s done.

You know there are 52 cards in a deck with 4 suits (Clubs, Diamond, Hearts & Spades) and 13 Ranks (Starting from 2 to 10, Jack, Queen, King & Ace). So, If we see it in probability it’s simply that the odds of getting an ACE as your first card will be 1 in 13 that will be 7.7% chances. Whereas, chances getting a spade as your first card will be 1 in 4 & that will 25%. So, you can say that there is a high chance for you to get a Spade than an ACE. For example, If you get an ACE as your first card then the probability of getting an ACE again will be 3 in 51 that will be 5.9% which is much less than before.

You all may be like “Woahh that’s a lot of Maths”. But believe me, once you get a hang of it, you’ll know how easy is it. Trust me every Pro Poker Player calculates this stuff within some seconds the cards dealt on the table. So, If you want to become a Pro Poker Player you should know the probability of your winning.

Some Poker Players drink at the Fountain of Knowledge. Other just Gargle

-Doyle Brunson

Don’t hesitate to Fold

Many Rookie poker players think that folding is a sign of weakness. Believe me when first I have started playing I also made the same mistake! Folding is actually a smart play.

If you have played some poker, then you know what is bluff. A beginner always depends on the bluff. He will try to bluff in every hand and never folds easily. Yes! sometimes bluffing gives you an advantage but risking your hard-earned money on weak pair of cards is actually not smart! If you are getting weak pair of cards, don’t hesitate to fold. Wait for your time & when you have a nice & sweet pair of cards then make your move. Patience is the Key to become a Pro Poker Player!

Wait for your Time & Ace the game like a Pro!

True Luck Consists not in Holding the Best of the Cards at the Table; Luckiest is he who knows just when to rise and Go Home!

-John Milton Hay

Play less but play to win

If you see a Pro Poker player, you will notice that he plays fewer hands but he will play that hand very aggressively. This is somehow related to the above step but you can say this is the next step to follow when you have your card!

As I said don’t hesitate to Fold previously. A-Pro Poker player always folds until he gets the card he desires. Once a Pro Poker Player gets his cards he will start making bets & now he will play only to win! As he analyzed everyone, Calculated his moves & be patient with his time. Now, it’s time for him to Act! Now he knows what he has is the winning cards and he can bet heavily on this. It’s time for him to Dominate everyone now!

And, that is how a Pro Poker Player, Plays to Win.

It’s not Gambling if you know you’re Going To Win!

Confidence is the key

You may have heard this phrase “Confidence is the Key” many times, but you’ll see this phrase in the action when you play Poker.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a weak hand or the Royal Flush, You have to show confidence in your face. You may have heard about the Poker Face. The Poker face is basically a face with no expression but with confidence. You don’t want to indicate to other players that you have a weak set of hands and the same goes when you have the best possible hand. Your cards are your secrete & you’ll always try to protect your secrets. When you show confidence to the other players it does not matter what type of cards you have. You’ll dominate the player with your confidence.

So, be confident at every step of the game & dominate everyone Like a Pro!

If you lose your head you will lose all your chips

-William J. Florence

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