Rummy Tournament: All you need to know about Online Indian Rummy Tournament 2020.

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Rummy Tournament is moving forward to become a favorite game among players who love online gaming. Why not? If we talk about the most popular card games in India, Indian rummy is the first name that comes to our minds. No doubt it is the most popular card game in India. No matter if you play cards or not this name will come first in your mind when anyone talks about a card game, Rummy has become a trademark of cards. Do you know, our Indian Rummy was originated in Mexico and Spain in around 1800s, from there it moved across the globe. As this game came to India since then, the game never looked back! With time, we generated our own versions of the game out of which emerged a popular winner, 13 cards Indian rummy.

rummy tournament

As the gaming in India changing and online gaming apps have introduced in this centuries, the traditional game on online platforms are doing great and the developers have embedded the game with exciting features and variants. Today, online rummy tournaments are in the top preference of many rummy players as rummy lovers are benefiting heavily from this variant. This is because these game offers some exciting rewards and real money prizes or shoots some adrenaline rush when competing with top players from all over India. The lockdown has given an edge to these online gaming platform, so let’s talk about “All you need to know about online rummy tournaments in India”.

All you need to know

By revolutionizing the entire gaming experience in India, the 13 card Indian rummy is becoming the favourite game among the player. So, the online rummy tournament has raised the stakes of the game to help players to gain a nice profit from there skills and time they invest in the game. Nowdays, these tournaments especially come with a load tones of features and online promotions to jack up your game time. So, if you have been playing the game with your friends in the old traditional way so far, take this time to look at online rummy games and enjoy some brand-new features of both cash and free rummy tournaments. Let’s see what they offer.

rummy tournament

1.    Exciting Offers and exclusive rewards.

The first attention grabbing aspect of online rummy game is that it offers you exciting prizes & offers to their players. It includes offers & rewards as well as real cash money prize. The top players fight hard to gain their entitled share from the winning prize in the order to secure their position on the leaderboard. Besides real money, some online rummy tournaments offer an interesting set of top physical rewards such as smartphones, trending gadgets, free tickets to high-value tournaments and even holiday packages. So, you should know what you are aiming.

2.    Register in advance for your tournament.

 If you’re interested in playing in the big league or for big tournament which involves real cash prices, you should know about the advance registration for the respective tournament. This is not like other free Indian rummy games and cash games that has no fixed start/finish time. In big tournament players have to register for tournaments in advance as they begin at a scheduled time and functions in a level-oriented format. For example, a tournament can be hosted in three levels, each of 10 minutes wherein players with maximum points get eliminated at the end of each level and remaining players reach the final round to compete for the featured prize money.

3. keep updated with your tournament schedule

All these games are conducted on different formats like time, days or month. Just like that, high guarantee tournaments are hosted live either on days, weekly or monthly basis. People who are looking for daily action can also find a good amount of daily special tournaments with good guarantees. If you want tp keep up with the tournament timing of a particular portal you should visit its monthly promotional pages & don’t forget to check out the game lobby from time to time.

4. You can play free rummy tournament for real prize money

Yes! You heard it right you can also win real money with free rummy tournament. The top online platforms are offering their players free rummy tournaments online to avail the opportunities to win real money and other exclusive rewards that may also include free entry tickets to bigger tournaments. The main reason behind hosting free rummy tournaments is primarily to introduce online rummy as a lucrative card game among the new generation of players and motivate them to apply their skills for free and win real money.

5. Entry/Buy-in fees

The online Indian Rummy tournaments often feature a fixed number of players and to reserve your seat in tournament, players have to deposit a buy-in fees to register their name for the respective game. In some tournaments, the entry fees aggregate to the form the total prize pool. In others, you receive free tickets for big tournaments by playing small games, while some tournaments require players to lock a minimum deposit to receive a free ticket.

rummy tournament

These 5 points somes up all you should know about the Indian rummy tournaments in India. Hope these point will clear out all your queries.

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