All you Need To Know About Rakeback in Poker.

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What is rake in poker?

If you are playing real money online poker, you will have to pay rake. The rake is the amount you pay in each pot or tournament entry, which is collected by an online poker site. How much rake you pay is decided on a couple of factors. The First factor on Rake, are you playing cash games or tournaments? Below there is a Well explained video of What is Rake in Poker and How it works!

Cash game players are generally going to pay more rake per session than tournament players because rake is collected each and every time a hand is played. For example, In a cash game, if you’re playing a hand of 1000$, you have to pay a percentage of that amount as a rake. Suppose you’re paying 10$ Rake in 1000$ hand, then you have to pay that 10$ for every hand in a cash game.

So, if you’re playing 60 hands per hour, then you’ll be paying 600$ as a Rake.

For poker tournaments, the rake is the tournament fee that you pay when signing up for a tournament. Let’s say that you are paying a $10 tournament. That is usually broken down as $9 + $1, with $1 going to the company in rake. This is collected from every player. If 1,000 players enter the tournament, that’s $1,000 in rake to the company.

In theory, if no money were added to a game, in time the rake would eventually collect every dollar on the table. Some live poker rooms have a rake that is so high that it is very difficult for players to make any money in the game. Fortunately, online poker rooms charge a greatly reduced rake.

However, the rake can still take a significant chunk of your bankroll over time. That is why serious poker players look for any type of rakeback deal they can get from the best online poker sites.

What is rake back

There is an old saying that “Nothing is free” and that includes playing online poker. In online poker, most players only think about how much money they have to deposit when considering the costs. There is also a hidden amount called “Rake” & every Professional Poker Player want “RakeBack”.

So, Let me Explain You “What is RakeBack” in Few Simple Steps,

Step 1:

The Rake

what is rake back

It’s no rocket science. Rake is the amount which any online platform takes from the “POT” which you are playing. You can also call it a “Commission” as the platform is giving you a space to play poker.

Step 2:

Doesn’t Matter you “Win” or “Loose”!

Keep in Mind that “The Rake” is Fixed! It completely doesn’t matters that you’re winning or loosing. I know it sucks! but we can do nothing about that! You have to pay the rake if you want to play & that amount is not coming back or is it??

Step 3:

The RakeBack

As we discuss in the previous step that “The Rake” is fixed & we’re not getting back the rake which we’re paying! well, there is a way to get your “Rake” Back. The is a platform where you can get RakeBack offers from the “Top Poker Platforms”.

Step 4:

Go! Get Your RakeBack!

The have Top leading Poker platform like Spartan, Nostra, Blitzpoker, etc. So, that is why the poker launcher can give exciting as well as Exclusive deals and offers for “RakeBack”. So, What are you waiting for?! Go! Get Your Rakeback!

Still, Confused about how to get Rake back? Don’t worry! I have a detailed article written on ” How To Get Rake Back“. Read the article to know the Exact Procedure “Step by Step“.

Is Rake is Legal?

In some parts of the world Rake is illegal. If I talk about India, Real Money earned in online gaming is legal, except, some states like Assam, Telangana, Orissa, and Gujarat. In short, Real Money earned is Legal unless and until you’re from these states. If You’re not from these states then you’re good to go! Play and Get your Rakeback.

poker cards

What is Rakeback Calculator?

The Rakeback Calculator is a program that is created to help you estimate how much you can expect to receive in rakeback payments over a given period of time. This information can be useful for players who are curious about the benefits of signing up for rakeback at a new poker site, or for players who closely manage their bankrolls.

rakeback calculator
rakeback calculator

Knowing how much extra money you make in rakeback is extremely important especially for professional players, to be able to make correct estimates as well as to calculate their real win rate.

Please note that the results of the Rakeback Calculator are estimates based on the experiences, your personal experience may differ. Many variables that are impossible for us to judge can influence the accuracy of their results.

For example, every player has a different playing style. Those who end up in a greater number of large pots will generate more rake than players who implement a low-action style.

Best Poker Websites for Rakeback

There are numerous platforms of online poker that gives you the rake back.

Below is the list of some websites which I filtered for you. Keep that in mind that the offers may be different at times.

1. PokerBaazi

2. Spartan

3. Blitzpoker

4. 9 Stacks

5. Nostra Gamus

6. PokerHigh

7. Poker Saint

8. PokerTempo.


What is the good Rakeback Percentage?

There is no certain value of a Good rake back. Every Platform try to give you the best deal they can. If You are getting 50% of the rake you pay to the poker rooms back to your wallet, then this would be considered to be a good percentage. For Example, If you’re Paying around 1000 $ of Rake, You’ll be getting 500$ as a rakeback. So, higher the rakeback value, better the rakeback percentage.


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