CryptoCurrency in Poker.

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I know you must be thinking that how Cryptocurrency is related to poker. Well, the cryptocurrency is a rapidly growing and it’s really easy to make the transaction worldwide using this currency. But still Cryptocurrency in Poker? how? There are many hardcore poker players who want to play poker with the toughest around the globe. So, with that Idea & the emerging acceptance of Cryptocurrency worldwide, many Online Crypto casinos, as well as Crypto Poker Rooms, are spreading their wings in this Online Poker Industry. So, this is how cryptocurrency in poker comes into play.

There are different types of cryptocurrency available in the market. Some of them are Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic Zcash (ZEC), Stellar Lumen (XLM), Bitcoin Satoshi’s, Vision (Bitcoin SV) & many more. The really famous cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. Currently, the value of 1 Bitcoin is ₹48,42,918.21. The value of Bitcoin is increasing day by day or we can say minute by minute. As you’re reading this article I can’t make sure what will be the value of this Currency.

So by witnessing this boom of this currency in the market, many experts are seeing this as the future of this game. That is why many platforms are trying to introduce cryptocurrency in poker. But there are some points you have to keep in mind.

cryptocurrency in poker

Bitcoin: The only Accepted Cryptocurrency in poker.

As we discussed previously, there are many cryptocurrencies available in the market. With the popularity & the growth of Bitcoin, Many Crypto Poker Rooms think that they should deal with this cryptocurrency only. Why not! everyone knows about Bitcoin in cryptocurrency so it will be easy for all to deal with this. As a well-known currency, it is also easy to exchange this currency as it is available on every exchange site.

There is also another cryptocurrency in poker which we can see growing in past couple of months. But currently you can deal with the Bitcoin in poker.

High Transaction Fees of Bitcoin.

The bitcoin have this huge growth in the past couple of years. Some still thinks that it is the only Cryptocurrency. You can only see the growth of this Currency but you know when you do any transaction with Bitcoin you have to pay a fees. The Transaction fee of Bitcoin is nearly ₹1418. Bitcoin have this high transaction fees. Transaction fees are included with your bitcoin transaction in order to have your transaction processed by a miner and confirmed by the Bitcoin network. So, it’s an integral part of the ever growing system, but it’s too damn high!

In Poker you have to make a whole lot of transactions like Deposits, Cash in & Cashouts, etc. Which is going to cost you a lot if you’re dealing in Bitcoin. If your poker room accepts any other cryptocurrency then you should opt for that.

Fluctuation in the value.

The cryptocurrency is like stocks. Sometimes their value are really high & sometimes it faces downside. The Crypto amount which is there in your wallet will not remain the same. As the fluctuation happens, the amount in your wallet also fluctuate accordingly. It’s not like the regular money which can be steady in your wallet. Sometimes, it’s gonna rise or sometimes it’s gonna loose it’s value.

So, this is the downside of the cryptocurrency in poker, it behaves like stocks. The value changes everyday of this currency. You can make a lot or you can just loose it all, just like Poker.

Future of Transactions.

Everyone believes that the Cryptocurrency is going to be the future of Transaction worldwide. So, every possible platform is trying to get their hands on this currency or they to make this as a globally accepted currency.

You may have heard about Elon Musk. He also trying to accept cryptocurrency to sell his Tesla Cars in the market. So, Why not in Poker? It will give an edge to the company that will implement the payment method of Cryptocurrency in poker.

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