Top 3 Offers for Fantasy Cricket League in the IPL2021

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So, here it is! After a break of just 5 Months, IPL 2021 has begun. This IPL Season is more of a festival for Fantasy Cricket Lovers, As the Fantasy Cricket brands introduce a hell of Deals & prizes to their players. With the increasing popularity of this game in the past couple of years, brands like MPL, Dream 11 & My11circle work really hard to push their platforms in the IPL season. So, sometimes it’s really difficult for users to address the best possible deals they can get. So, today we are going to discuss the Top 3 Offers which is really suitable for you.

How Fantasy Cricket Works?

Many new users get confused about the gameplay of this platform & they have this question that how this fantasy Cricket sport works?

It’s really simple, In order to start playing, you have to first make the team virtually on your favorite platforms. After you select your team members, Now you just have to sit back & enjoy the real IPL Match. So, now what happens is that your points or score will be depended on how that player you selected performs in the real match. On the basis of the real performance of the players, you generate points in the match. You will get your Prize or Reward according to the points you have made on the Match.

So basically, You just have to select your favorite player from the Team that is actually playing ( Note* You have to select the players from the Actual player line up of that team) & as your player performs, you get your points & you can claim your Prize & Rewards. It’s that simple!

Now let’s discuss the Top Offers for this Game.

Top 3 Offer For Fantasy Cricket League:


Fantasy cricket offer dream 11
Dream 11

You must have heard the Promotional phrase from the Brand “ye main kar Leta hu Aap Dream 11 pe Team Bna Lo” Yes! so it’s time for you to make the Team Now because Dream 11 is offering you to Win ₹25 Crore in the upcoming Match of Mumbai Indian vs Royal Challengers Banglore!! Yes, The Grand Prize of ₹25 Crore!! What else someone can ask for?! The match will be live on 9th April 2021 in the evening at 7:30 PM IST.

Where: Dream11

Entry Fees: ₹49

Prize: ₹25 Crore

When: 9th April, 2021 @7:30 PM IST.

Mobile Premier League (MPL)

Fantasy Cricket MPL
Mobile Premier League (MPL)

There is another big name in this market & that is Mobile Premier League (MPL). If you’re a Fantasy cricket lover you may have heard about this Brand. Even if you are not a Fantasy cricket enthusiast you have to hear about this because the Captain of the Indian Cricket Team Virat Kohli is their Brand Ambassador. The Platform is a favorite of many Players because of its Easy Use UI as well as its exciting Offers. For the upcoming Match, the MPL is offering you a great Prize of ₹5 Crore Guaranteed!! It’s really amazing how this platform comes up with this type of grand prize for its users every time!

Where: MPL Live

Entry Fees: ₹49

Prize: ₹5 Crore Gauranteed

When: 9th April, 2021 @7:30 PM IST.

My11 Circle:

Fantasy cricket My11Circle

My11 circle is also a very popular brand in the market if you talk about the Fantasy Leagues. The My11 Circle is the franchise of Play Games24 x 7 Pvt. Ltd. The Brand is New in the market. The brand just launched back in the year 2019 but it took a very small amount of time to reserve its position in the market. In the upcoming match on 9th April 2021 @7:30 PM IST where we will see the battle between Two astonishing teams Mumbai Indians vs Royal challengers Bangalore, My11Circle announced the Winning Prize of ₹1.30 Crore! And not just that you will win an iPhone SE along with the Grand Prize! Just Go and Register on My11Circle & Claim your Winnings.

Where: My11Circle

Entry Fees: ₹49

Prize: ₹1.30 Crore + IPhone SE

When: 9th April, 2021 @7:30 PM IST.

So, here is the top 3 List of the offers from the famous, Well Reputated & Safe Brands of fantasy Sports. Just go & Register and Fight for your desired Price.

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