How To Get Rakeback in Poker

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There is always a Question that Occurs in the Mind of Poker Players that How to Get Rakeback? And Why not??!! If you’re Professional Poker Player and playing a Big hand. You’re paying approx 5% from your Pot as a Rake, Which is a huge amount!! Let me show you How To Get Rake Back.
How to get Rakeback

Steps for How to Get Rakeback?

how to get rakeback
How To Get Rakeback

Step 1:

GRAB TOP POKER DEALS: Grab Top Poker Deals you can find at Make an Account at pokerlauncher and claim your top poker deal.

Step 2:

VERIFY YOUR POKER ACCOUNTS: Once your poker account has been created, the Poker launcher will verify that it has been set up correctly. Submit your poker room account details in Poker Launcher‘s My Account section. Once your Account is Verified you are good to go!!

Step 3:

PLAY AS USUAL ON POKER ROOMS: Play as much as you want. There are absolutely no restrictions. You will earn Rakeback for every hand of your play! It’s literally Simple!

Step 4:

RECEIVE RAKEBACK: You can track your Rakeback earnings of Respective Poker Rooms via your My Wallet section in Depending on the poker room, you will receive your Rakeback payments automatically in your account weekly or monthly.

Step 5:

CASHOUT YOUR FREE MONEY: You can redeem your Rakeback money via multiple payment options like Bank Transfer, Poker account transfer, Paytm wallet transfer, or Cash delivery. Place your cachet request under MyWallet in You will receive your payment within 5 working days.

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