MPL Poker Introduced by Mobile Premier League(MPL).

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Poker is an elite sport played by the Masterminds. There is a myth that poker is a game of luck! But actually, it’s a game of skills. Poker involves Maths, probability & the Skills to judge the behavior of your opponent. Now tell me is it actually the game of Luck? In recent times, the popularity of poker has increased & mainly in the online or digital sector. All the big online gaming firms are now introducing Poker in their platform & one of the biggest example of this statement is MPL Poker.

About MPL

MPL(Mobile Premier League) is a fantasy sports platform where players earn real money by playing games like fruit ninja, pool, ludo, carrom, or by making teams based on Real cricket matches. Currently, they introduced Poker in their platform know as MPL Poker, where you can earn real money. You can Play exciting Mobile Games Anytime, Anywhere and Win Real Money.


MPL has grown at a rapid speed since the launch of its applications around 2 years back. In 2019, they introduced Poker in their platform where you can play poker with real money. Within a span of a year, MPL Poker became one of the largest online Poker Platform with a registered user base of 10 Lakh. It’s really exciting that MPL Poker gained the position in the Poker segment so Quickly!

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What Variants of Poker MPL offers?

In MPL Poker you all will get a wide & vast range of Poker games it includes:

  • Texas Hold’em: In this poker variation, every player on the table is dealt with two cards privately (known as ‘Hole Cards’). The dealer spreads five cards on the table for common use, which can be used by all players to make their best possible five-card hand.
  • Omaha: Unlike Hold’em poker, in PL Omaha, each player on the table is dealt four hole cards, while the five cards for common use remain the same. The player once again needs to make the best possible combination from the available nine cards at his disposal. However, in this poker variation, it is mandatory for the player to use two hole cards and three community cards to make his best hand.
  • 5 Card Omaha: In PL Omaha 5, each player is dealt 5 hole cards at the beginning. This means the player has a total of 10 cards to make his best possible combination. Similar to Omaha poker, the player must have two cards from his hand and three community cards in his best hand.

This wide range of Poker variations is really helpful & one of the best features because it caters to all kinds of Poker players. It gives the Poker Players options to choose from the best variants of the game & the suitable buy-ins for all the Poker Player.

What MPL Poker Offers their Player?

MPL has a reputation in the market which they have to maintain. That’s why they came up with a dynamic range of Leaderboards and Tournaments with attractive Cash Rewards. On every alternate day, they conduct tournaments with an estimated Prize Pool of ₹7Lakh approx. Let’s discuss the offering of leaderboard & Tournaments:

  • Daily Leaderboard: MPL Poker offers a daily Leaderboard with a Prize Pool of ₹6Lakh.
  • Cash Tournament: There are some exciting cash tournaments with a Prize Pool of ₹2Lakh
  • Special Tournament: MPL Poker conducts two special tournaments with a Prize Pool of ₹1.5Lakh and ₹2Lakh respectively.
  • Satellite Tournament: This is a Fun Segment of MPL Poker with a Prize Pool of ₹1.5Lakhs.

Rapid Poker

MPL Poker has this amazing feature called Rapid Poker. Rapid Poker is the Fast-Moving cash game segment where your opponent will change with every hand. The reason behind this segment was to give poker players some kind of challenge by playing against a bunch of players instead of the fixed opponents on one table. It is claimed to be the fastest Poker game experience anywhere online.

Safe & Secure Transaction of MPL Poker

When real money is involved, each & everyone looks into the Safety & Security of their online transaction.

Now, you don’t have to worry as MPL focuses mainly on the safe n secure transaction of their users when they play games like poker with real cash.

Transaction on MPL is protected with up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, in simple words your payments and transactions are safe.

They offer different mediums of payments Payments like debit cards, credit cards, net-banking, UPI/BHIM, Paytm wallet, Phonepe, and Amazon Pay.  

Withdrawals can be requested through Amazon Pay, UPI, Bank Account, or Paytm. The withdrawal will be processed within 24 hours. Interestingly, withdrawals on MPL are processed on all days with no limit on the maximum withdrawal amount.

Why choose MPL Poker?

There are some Key features answering these questions:

  • Safe and secured platform certified by iTech Labs.
  • Offers a wide range of Poker variation like Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha 5 Cards, and Rapid Poker.
  • Daily Leaderboard with Prize Pool of ₹6Lakh Approx.
  • New players can play a freeroll or small stakes cash game to learn & practice Poker.
  • Safe & Secure payments & Accept all kinds of Indian Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Net banking, Online Wallets, etc.
  • Trustable Platform with a userbase of 10 Lakh registered players.
  • Customer support available all the time to resolve all your queries.

Random Number Generator(RNG)

In any sport or game, fair gameplay is necessary. In respect of fair gameplay, MPL Poker got you covered as the platform is RNG Certified by iTech Labs. The Random Number Generator (RNG) ensures that the shuffling and dealing of cards will be conducted in a fair and Random Manner. This system reduces the chances of predicting the combination of cards.

MPL is growing day by day & working hard to give the best out of the best features and experience to their users to secure the position they’ve gain so far. Hope to see more Features and games like this in the future.

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