MS Dhoni will lead CSK in IPL 2021,” Confirmed by CSK CEO

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One can say it’s a reverence for the former Indian captain or faith in MS Dhoni’s abilities, MS Dhoni will continue to lead the franchise of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in IPL 2021 . Due to the poor performance in IPL 2020 CSK became first team to be eliminated from the league this year. This is the first time ever in IPL’s history that CSK has failed to enter the playoffs stage. Because of this performance, the fans of CSK and mainly the fans of MS Dhoni were disappointed.

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You can call it a faith, that CEO of CSK Kasi Viswanathan, declared that MS Dhoni will continue to lead the team in 2021. Despite of their poor performance. This level of goodwill can only create by MS Dhoni.

In an Interview the CEO said, “Yes, definitely. I am very confident that Dhoni will lead CSK in 2021. He has won three titles for us in the IPL. This is the first year we have not qualified for the playoffs. No other team has done that. One bad year does not mean we will have to change everything,”


It’s not that only CSK but Dhoni himself were slightly out of form. If you see the leader board, In total 12 matches this season, Dhoni scored 199 runs with a strike rate of just 118.45. The IPL 2021 is just half a year ahead & the Captain of CSK MS Dhoni is 39 which is past his prime. Now each and every focus will be on his personal form as well as his future in this game. As per CEO CSK, the team faced too many hurdles at the time which results to this performance.

He said, “We didn’t play to our potential this season. We lost games that we should have won. That pushed us back. The withdrawals of Suresh Raina and Harbhajan Singh coupled with Covid cases in the camp meant that the balance of the side was upset,”

Will CSK go for a Fresh Team?

Despite CEO showed faith in the captain, the coach accepted the fact that CSK have aged player and has run out of juice.

Coach said, “It’s fair to say looking at the IPL table now that this team may have run out of juice,” after the post-match presentation in one of the match. He also revealed that the morale of the team in dressing room were very low.

Further he said, “If you’re looking at the three-year cycle – we won the first year; lost off the last ball last year; and we always thought that the third year with an ageing squad would be difficult. And Dubai [UAE] has challenged us with a whole new set of requirements,”

The IPL2020 is now the history for CSK Team, management as well as the fans. But should they look beyond the old player of the team or Dhoni. According to the sources close to the team management, some tough choices surely will be taken for the next season of the game.

But the problem in rebuilding the team for the next season is that we don’t know that BCCI will conduct the fresh auction for IPL 2021 or the same teams will be retained. CSK have to fight on the timeline if they decide to rebuild.

Which player CSK is going to let go in the next season?

We can’t be sure about for whom this was the last game for CSK team. It is really difficult to predict which players will be out from the squad at this very stage. But one thing is certain that CSK will not move with “the ageing team”. That means it’s going to be an end for most of the senior players in CSK squad.

Let’s see what is going to be the scenario of the next season. Sure, this year was hard for the team. But now, it’s high time for CSK to level up their game.

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