National Poker Series 2021 @ Pokerbaazi.

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The National Poker Series is all set to knock on your doors this June. This is the first time National Poker Series is going digital. This digital revolution will welcome all the players of different skill sets & different levels of skill to compete with the players across the country. The one with the finest skill and mindset will take home the title of India’s Gold Medallist. It’s time for all the best Indian poker players to come under the same roof & fight for the title of India Poker Champion.

The national poker Series will begin on 13th June 2021 and all the Indian players will be competing for 15 Days to win this Series. The winner will get the title of India’s First Gold Medallist as well as a Grand Prize of ₹15 Crore. The schedule for this event is yet to disclose. Once it is announced you can check it out on

national poker series

Nationa Poker Series: The Olympics of Poker.

To make this event like a legit tournament, Every Podium Finisher will be awarded the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals just like the Olympics. It’s not going to be easy to reserve your grab these medals in medal leaderboard because the players have to compete with the best of the best & the Top Poker Player of India. So be ready to feel the Heat of this tournament & fight become India’s First Gold Medallist of Poker.

Every win will take you a step closer to the Eternal Glory & you’ll get a chance to represent our country on the International Stage. The Top 3 player will represent India at the Worlds Biggest Event in Las Vegas. Stay Tuned to know more about this.

Now you also have a Chance to compete Worldwide & make your country Proud.

Leaderboard of National Poker Series.

This Leaderboard is offering you a Grand Prize of ₹1 Crore. Leaderboard will Cover you with Gold & Prize. Let’s discuss the Leaderboard.

The National Poker Series Podium.

Every Tournament you win will take you a step forward to secure a place in the Final NPS Podium. The Winner will be awarded a Gold Medal which will be worth 10 Points, The Runner up will get a Silver Medal worth 5 points & the second runner up will get a Bronze medal worth 2 Points. The Final NPS Podium will be calculated on the basis of the total points generated by the Player. At the end of the National Poker Series, The Top 3 Player will get a chance to represent India on the International Stage in LAS Vegas, USA. Wait! there is something more! The top 3 players will also get a chance to win a Package worth ₹20 Lacs.

Daily Leaderboard.

Every entry you make in the Tournament will help you rise through the Ranks. With a Grand prize of ₹3 Lacs Daily, you have 15 days to make around ₹45 Lacs! Yes ₹45 Lacs in just 15 days! For more information on this please visit

Overall Leaderboard.

The National Poker Series leaderboard is not just limited to the NPS Podium and Daily Leaderboard. You also have a chance to win ₹35 Lacs on the Overall Leaderboard. So, yeah National Poker Series giving you a chance to win Big! in every segment of their game. Go & chase the Gold!

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