Night Curfew in Goa: Another Set Back for Casinos?

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Due to a heavy spike in the covid cases in India, the state declared a night curfew in Goa. People in India are very furious about the rise of coronavirus cases. The situation is really worse than the last year, Approx 3 – 3.5 Lakhs of cases are being recorded daily country-wide. In this situation, The government of Goa decided to impose a Night Curfew in Goa to control this worse situation in the state. But the question arises that is it another setback for the Casino industry?

We all know Goa is famous for Parties, Beaches, Churches & Casinos. People visit Goa to relax, Party with their friends & family and many people come to play fun casino games. As we all know Casino industry faced many setbacks in past. Whether it’s getting banned in several states or facing this Lockdown situation in the year 2020. Online Casinos & Poker platforms have nothing to worry about because they have a huge audience base. But is it another Set back for Offline Casinos due to the night curfew in Goa?

night curfew in goa

State Government on Night Curfew in Goa.

On April 21, the Chief Minister announced a strict night curfew from 10 PM – 6 AM across the entire state. According to the statement, the state-wide restrictions would be observed till 30 April, after which another call would be taken once the situation was reviewed. This because Goa has crossed the Mark of 1000 cases in a single day. There is a chance that government may extend the night curfew in Goa if the situation gets worse.

In a press conference regarding the Night curfew in Goa, The CM Said that once the curfew starts, ‘people should not loiter in public places needlessly.’ In the Previous year 2020, casinos in the state have experienced a loss in revenue due to the ban on travel and tourism. However, late last year things began to look up as casinos were allowed to restart their operations at half their capacity.

The CM further added that industrial and goods transport will not be a part of this law, they have permission to operate in the state. Also, he said that this Second wave is affecting youngsters and youth more, So the board exams for Class X and XII should be postponed. The new dates for the exams will only be announced post 30 April.

Rules and Regulations of Night curfew in Goa?

  • The night curfew in Goa will be imposed from 10 PM to 6 AM, till 30th April. After that the govt. will monitor the situation and act according to that.
  • All the bars and restaurants, entertainment parks, river cruises, public transports, gyms, etc. will have to operate on 50 percent of their capacity.
  • Casinos and hotels in Goa will continue to remain open but at only 50 percent of their capacity besides being completely shut down.
  • Industrial and goods transport will not be a part of this law, they have permission to operate in the state.
  • The board exams for Class X and XII have been postponed. The new dates for the exams will only be announced post 30 April.

The Situation is really bad across India. Goa itself has approx. 1500 cases daily, around 10,228 cases are active and about 964 people have lost their lives from this deadliest virus. It will be advised that you all should remain in your home unless and until it is really necessary. Wear Mask Outside and Sanitise your hand regularly! We should take this night curfew in Goa and Lockdown in other states very seriously, this is For all of Us.

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