Nostra Poker: The Poker Leaderboard Offer of December 2020.

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The Nostra Gamus is one of the leading Fantasy Sports Brand which never fails to meet the expectations of their users. Recently they’ve announced their December Offers and the Most exciting offer is The Poker LeaderBoard Offer where you can play, Win and Walkway with a bag full of cash because there is a 5 lakh Pool Prize for the Winners! Isn’t it exciting?!

the poker leaderboard offer

About The Poker Leaderboard offer of Nostra.

Date: 16th – 22nd December, 2020

Where: On NostraGamus App

Prize: 5 Lakh Pool Prize.

Let’s Discuss About The Poker Leaderboard offer of Nostra Poker in detail.

The Nostra Poker announced a Poker Leader Board Tournament where there is a Pool Prize of 5 Lakh Rupees. This offer is for all the users who want to be a part of the 5 Lakh Pooled Prize Pot of Cash. Keep that in mind that you have to generate a minimum of 2750 LBPs (Leader Board Points) to be eligible for the offer. If you have generated enough then you’re good to go!

The winning amount will be distributed among the Top 20 Players of the Tournament. Below, there is a Prize Structure of this Offer:

RankPrize Money
Price Structure of The Poker Leaderboard offer.

Rules and Regulations of The Poker Leaderboard Offer:

1. Offer is Valid between 16th Dec to 22nd Dec.

2. You will be Awarded 1 LBPs (Leaderboard Points) for every ₹20 Rake made (1 LBP = ₹20 Rake Made)

3. You need to generate a minimum of 2750 LBPs to be eligible for the offer.

*Note: Only Rake made on 25/50 & above cash tables will be considered.

4. The top 20 users who crossed more than 2750 LBP’s will be eligible for the cash reward.5. Rewards will be sent to your Nostra wallet as winnings.

Top 10 Currently Leading Players:

Below there is a List of the Currently Top 10 Leading Users of Nostra Poker Rank wise:

RankUser NameLBPs
1CAUSE …512
3Rams VRM406
6Lossers Cc-YN6HN200
7Mr. Ace100
9Blue Whale98
To 10 Currently Leading Player till the Date of article published.

Now it’s time to brush up your skills and brace yourself for this offer as you’re going to compete with the professionals. So, What are you waiting for? Go Signup on Nostra Poker and Don’t Forget to use Sign up Code PLMAX. 

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