Nostra Poker: Winter Cash Mania is Here!

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Nostra gamus the leading fantasy sports platform is coming with the Nostra poker Winter cash mania offer.

Christmas is coming a bit early in this season. Yes! You heard it right! This season Nostra Poker became the Santa for all the Poker players out there, as, The nostra poker is coming up with their exciting Winter offer for exclusively for their users called Winter cash mania Poker leaderboard with a prize pool of 50,000₹! The nostra poker just made the Winter season a bit more exciting with this amazing offer.

About Nostra Gamus:

winter cash mania

Nostra gamus is a Fantasy Sports platform where players get prizes, offers, and real Cash money by playing some games on their application. According to the Format of the nostra gamus, you have to use the skills of your favorite game and sports to win the game you’re playing and as a reward, the platform will give prize money and give you some exciting offers.

About Winter cash mania of Nostra Poker:

Date: 12th to 21st DEC.

Where: On Nostra Gamus App.

Prize Pool: 50,000₹

Nostra is a favorite platform among poker players because they never fail to meet their expectations by offering them as best a deal as they can. By keeping their legacy, The Nostra Poker came with their Winter offer called winter cash mania. This Winter cash mania comes with a prize pool of ₹50,000 which will be distributed among the Top 20 Player According to their Rank.

Below there is Prize structure of The Winter offer of Nostra Poker :

prize structure of the winter cash mania offer.

*Note: Rewards will be sent as winnings to Nostra Wallet.

Point System:

Nostra Poker introduced their Point System for this offer. We have mentioned below the whole point System in Table to reduce any kind of confusion:

Hand RankingTexasPLO4 & PLO5
Royal Flush125113
Straight Flush3325
4 of a kind1510
Full House65
3 of a Kind22
Two Pairs11
One Pair11
High Card13
point system of winter cash mania offer.

Rules & Regulations of Winter Cash Mania:

1. Offer valid between 12th to 21st DEC.

2.    You will be awarded 3LBP (Leaderboard Point) for every ₹1 rake made (₹1 rake made = 3LBP).

*Note: Only Rake & Hand strength count made on ½, 2/4, 3/6, & 5/10 cash table will be considered.

3.    Points will be awarded for the hand strength respectively for the hands winning at showdown.

4.    Hand strength points will be multiplied with the small blind on that particular stake.

Let me explain to you with an example, If you are winning the hand with a flush at showdown on 2/4 stake then points awarded for the flush will get multiplied X small blind (2×4 = 8pts) & similarly it follows for all the stakes & hand strength.

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