Nostra Pro Poker Leader Board offers are back 24th-30th Dec.

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Nostra Pro Poker Leader board offer: What a year it was!! We have seen & faced a lot of problems. But, we fought like a champion and moved forward and see we survived this year came to an end. Same, our poker industry also faced many problems but they tried their best to give their users a poker experience which they can enjoy in their home with a glass of wine in their hand and play Poker. As this year came to an end, Our favorite Poker Place, the Nostra Gamus is back with the Nostra Pro Poker Leader board offer with a Cash Prize of ₹5 Lakh!! What a way to end this year! Nostra never fails to amaze the poker players!

Nostra Pro Poker Leader board offer
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About Nostra Pro Poker Leader board offer:

NostraGamus coming with their Year-End Nostra Pro Poker Leader board Offer with a Cash Prize of ₹5 Lakh. This offer is valid From 24th to 30th December. The cash prize will be distributed among the Top 15 Players. The player with Rank 1 will be taking home a Cash Prize of ₹1Lakh. The rest of the players will get their cash prize according to the Rank in the Leader board. There is Criteria for the offer which is, You have to generate a minimum of 2750LBP’s (Leader board Points) to be eligible for the Offer.

Point System of Nostra Pro Poker Leader board offer:

Hand RankingTexasPLO4 & PLO5
Royal Flush125113
Straight Flush3325
4 of a Kind1510
Full House65
3 of Kind22
Two Pairs11
One Pair11
High Card12
Use Sign-up Code: PLMAX

Prize Structure of The Nostra Pro Leader board Offer

Use Sign-up Code: PLMAX

Rules of The Nostra Pro Leader Board offer

  1. Offer valid Between 24th to 30th December.
  2. You will be awarded 1 LBP (Leader Board Point) for every ₹20 Rake made (₹20 Rake Made = 20 LBPs)

Note* Only Rake made on 25/50 & above Cash tables will be considered.

3.You need to generate minimum 2750 LBP’s to be eligible for the offer.

4. Points will be awarded for the hand strength respectively for the hands winning at showdown.

5. A player can be disqualified from the promotion if he found guilty of any misconduct or fraudulent activities such as chip dumping, multi account, etc.

6. Total points = Total Hand Pts + Total LBPs

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