Offline v/s Online Poker

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The world is constantly evolving. Opportunities and information are readily available some clicks away. Online gaming has become a huge part of the gaming system, and has now established a position far more advanced than regular live play.

Poker is one such sport which is played online with such zeal, that in some cases it trumps live games.


Offline, or live playing is when one goes on to play poker in assigned rooms, with physically present tables, and people. Online poker is when one log in on virtual poker rooms, and play connected to the internet.

People tend to try their hand at poker online, before going to an actual room, to merely get a taste of what the game is like. Online poker games tend to give a player confidence, and an able device to strategise.

It is important to remember that online and offline poker are not much different, except for minor differences.



One of the major differences in playing online, and offline is that online games are extremely fast paced according to the offline games. The dealer does not have to deal, count the chips, or shuffle.

The ratio of hands dealt online to offline is almost double, and sometimes more. The pace is an element which does not allow monotony to sink in, and also trains a player to come head to head with the pressure and allows them to learn how to think fast, and act accordingly.

Body image and comfort

One can indulge in an online poker from the comfort of their own home, in the clothes they wish to lounge in. Online games cut down on the whole image at the table aspect of the game, it lacks the human tendencies that most players rely on in order to bluff, and strategise game play accordingly. One can say that as compared to offline games, online ones are more mathematically inclined, because of the lack of psychological hints from your opponents.

One can always look at hand histories of the players, if they are available, if not there is always a pattern that players tend to follow. One will not be able to see you sigh and heave, when playing online, so one can always lower their physical facade that is exhausting to put up when playing at a live table.

The downside to this is that one cannot show off during the online games, and therefore the online games become rather insipid in nature.


Anonymity runs within the online circle- one can be whoever they wish to. There is a false sense of confidence that is attached to online poker, which people often lose when in the real field.

Usernames are a huge racket when dealing with online gaming- sexist players tend to often think that a girl-name would gain sympathy, and give them an advantage in the game.

Tables and deals

Another great difference between online and offline games is that one can deal at multiple tables when online, which is not possible at a live game; this increases the player’s chances to win more.

There is a set amount that one needs to pay at a live game, but most online platforms offer the player a chance to not pay a great deal of money, they can start a game by betting as lower as twenty rupees.


If playing online, when can enrol themselves in a number of tournaments, because they need not have to travel to play via a computer- all kinds of choices are at the disposal of the player.

In local tournaments one will have to travel, which is physically exhausting, and can further alter your skills as a player. People tend to play in a better fashion when at ease, which is mostly available from online rooms.

Interaction and ambience

A huge role to play in game is its setting- when playing a live game of poker at a casino, one gets to interact with a number of people, and is open to conversation, and look at other people wild in action. When playing offline, one has to give up on the ambience, and interactions.

One can have two contrast outlooks on the subject- some people work well under a lively surrounding, other find the same surrounding distracting, it all is a matter of subjectivity.


When playing offline, one needs a certain level of concentration and discipline- because distraction would lead one to not play at all, or not play their best. When in a casino, the environment is such that it drives one o perform the best they can and win as much; that driven environment is missing when in the comfort of your room.


Both the online as well as offline platforms are great ways to hone one’s skill, and make them grow a s a player. There is no one concrete answer to which is the better course between the two platforms- it is merely subjective, and a matter of suitability, some people like the rush of the casino, whereas other prefer the quite to help them play their best.

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