Nostra Poker: PLO Midstakes Leaderboard Offer! ₹2 Lac Leaderboard.

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Nostra Poker is up with a new Exciting Offer! Nostra Poker Announced a PLO Midstakes Leaderboard offer of ₹2 LAC!! Yes! you have a chance to Win Around ₹2 Lakhs by playing a game of Poker!

plo midstakes leaderboard offer
Nostra Poker

Nostra poker introducing the offers on their platform on a Daily Basis now! They have an exciting range of Offers and Deals for you & many more are yet to come. So, it’s a chance for you all to Play & Win Big on a Daily Basis. You just have to register yourself on their Application. You can also check out their website to know the procedure of the registration & from there you can download the App. So Go! & Sign-up on Nostra Pro App!.

About PLO MidStakes Leaderboard Offer!

This offer is available for all the users of Nostra Pro or You just have to sign-up & be a part of the ₹2Lac Prize Pot. The offer is Live right now & it’s a limited-time period offer that will end on 18th April 2021.

Where: Nostragamus App

When: 12th April – 18th April,2021

Sign-up Code: PLMAX

Prize: ₹2 Lac!!

The Point system of the PLO Midstakes leaderboard offer goes like this, You will be awarded 1 Activity point for every ₹15 Rake made. Please keep this mind that Only rake made on PLO 10/20 & 25/50 cash table will be considered. You need to generate a minimum of 6000 NPPs (NOSTRA POKER POINTS) to be eligible for the offer.

NPPs= Total Activity Points + Total Hands Points.

The Point System of PLO Midstakes Leaderboard Offer

Royal Flush100
Straight Flush25
4 of a Kind10
Full House5
3 of Kind2
Two Pairs1
One Pair1
High Card3
Point system of PLO midstakes leaderboard offer

Prize Structure of PLO Midstakes Leaderboard Offer!

Prize structure of PLO midstakes leaderboard offer.


  1. The reward will be sent to your NOSTRA WALLET as winnings.
  2. Nostragamus reserves the right to modify or end this promotion at any time without giving any prior notice to players.

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