Rummy Circle Introducing Cool Tournaments to Beat The Heat 2021.

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It’s that time of the year where everyone complains about the Heat on the Roads & the sweaty weather. You can weather complain about the weather or enjoy the indoors & relax while playing a fun game of Rummy. So, in this Sweaty & Hot Summer, Rummy Circle is here with cool & fun tournaments which can help you to cope up with this season. There are some exciting other Tournaments would be:

  • Club Tournament
  • Cash Tournament
  • Special Tournament
  • 100 xpressway tournament
  • Jackpot Tournament
  • Sunday Million

As you know the Rummy Circle is a very popular brand for online rummy. With the increasing popularity of this game in the Indian market, Rummy Circle sure wants to expand its branches here. So, for that sake Rummy Circle is coming up with a Cool & fun Championship for their players also. The Championship will be called The Grand Rummy Championship. Sure, Rummy Circle has a lot to offer right now. From the Offline Championships to Online Tournaments, Rummy Circle got you all covered.

Let’s Talk about the Grand Rummy Championship:

This championship is a combination of Both Online & Offline tournaments. The Grand Finale will be conducted in Goa at the Grand Hyatt. The Rummy Circle has raised its bar by announcing the Biggest Prize Pool of ₹1 Crore. This is the exciting approach to catch the eyeballs of the top Rummy Player.

The tournament will be happening every day, Players can register and be a part of this historic championship. The seats in Finale will be reserved for only 280 players which will happen between May 10 – May 12. The Travel arrangements as well as the Stay of 3 nights and 4 days will be on the house for the Final Contestants. So, it’s time to buck up and sharpen your skills to compete with the best minds of Top players.

Let’s Talk about online tournaments for Rummy Circle Players.

Rummy circle tournaments

Club Tournament:

This type of tournament is exclusively available for only the members of the Rummy Circle community. To be eligible to take part in this category you need to belong to the Platinum Elite Club, Diamond Elite Club, Platinum Club, Silver Club, Bronze Club, or Gold Club. The players with access to these memberships should take advantage of that and definitely join these tournaments. The tournaments in this category go for 5 rounds with prizes starting from Round 1 itself.

Cash tournaments:

You do not have to have a club membership to enjoy a cash game of rummy on RummyCircle. There are a host of tournaments that are played straight up for the pot, that is for money. They all charge an entry fee that varies from as little as Rs 10 to Rs 500. These tournaments can be played by those wishing for a bit of practice along with those who would like to add a little thrill to their game. These tournaments are usually comprised of just a couple of rounds and have amazing cash prizes for the win!

Special Tournaments:

 These are tournaments that are organized on the days of the week and usually have an interesting deal attached with them. Some of these are free while some require an entry fee. Either way, these tournaments are a quick and exciting way to both understand the game and perhaps win quite a decent amount of money while you are at it. These are also a great way to unwind on each day of the week.

100 Xpressway tournaments

These are some of the most populous tournaments on RummyCircle, with over 10 tournaments registered for Monday alone. The uniqueness of these tournaments is that the returns are potentially 100 times the initial investments, that is the amount paid to partake in the tournament. There is a total of 4 rounds with prizes starting from round 2 itself.

Jackpot Tournaments: 

These are tournaments with a fixed amount of winning usually divided amongst the top 4 ranks amongst the people playing within each tournament. They have very low entry fees, but the payout only occurs in the final rounds and not before. These tournaments are excellent for new players wanting to hone their skills as well as amateurs looking to get the feel of the game before they start playing with big money. These tournaments are usually just a couple of rounds, so they get over relatively fast as well. Ideal for the hot summer days with nothing else going on.

Sunday Million:

 A super competitive tournament with massive prize money to be earned, the Sunday Million is a tournament that pays out in the final round, and that is not of a singular tournament, but the final round of the entire gamut of tournaments covered under the Sunday Million. This is like the endurance race of tournaments, with prizes being given to the top 69 positions, but with those positions decided after a long haul of rounds. Not a tournament for the casual players or those looking for a quick fix.

The RummyCircle is now got you all covered with the tournaments and championships now. There is no way you can ignore this! I mean who doesn’t want to take part in such tournaments. It’s high time for you to go and register on RummyCircle!

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