Poker Stars India, part of the world’s largest online poker platform, has launched a new digital marketing campaign featuring Bollywood star and Poker Stars India Brand Ambassador Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

#MadeforPoker is the second campaign that Poker Stars India has developed along with their creative agency Ogilvy India. Siddiqui said, “Poker can be played by anyone who approaches life with composure and self-control. You play the hand with the skills you bring to the table. Similarly, in life, you use your skills to adapt to the cards life deals you.

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Ankur Dewani, CEO of Sachiko Gaming, added, “With #MadeForPoker, PokerStars India wants to connect with people from all walks of life and to make them aware of the potential poker player within them. We want to help people to understand the game better and encourage them to play safely on a secure, regulated platform such as Poker Stars India.”

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Watch the video campaign by Ogilvy India. It hits the right spot