The Great Cash Pitch by Spartan Poker. Play & Win over ₹6 Crore worth Prizes. #RunBanaoJamkar.

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The Indian Premier League Season is at its peak. This season is coming up hot with exciting & unpredictable matches. This IPL Season is really a treat for all Cricket Lovers.

But the Spartan Poker doesn’t ignore the Poker Lovers in this season. So, keeping Poker Lovers in the mind, Spartan Poker announces the Great Cash Pitch. In this game fest, you can grab prizes worth ₹6 Crore!! Yes! Spartan Poker giving you the chance to win from Cash to Cars! You can win a Jaguar XE with some Cash Prizes Also.

The Spartan Poker is always there for poker lovers, whether it’s IPL Season or not. This is the biggest Poker Game Fest by Spartan poker. So Relax & sit tight to Play for the biggest Prize you can get.

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The Great Cash Pitch Includes two different stakes-based Leaderboard challenges:

 Play Ur Innings Challenge (April 11 – May 3)

 SixCr Challenge (April 11 – May 31)

The point making system is just like a Cricket match. In this poker game you will be rewarded with runs on playing hands. The more hand you play the more runs you will make.

If you are the first player to make 10,000 runs, you will be driving home a class Jaguar XE worth ₹50,000 Lakhs to your home. Not just that, you will be also rewarded with 101% Rakeback.

If you’re one of Two Players to make 9000 Runs, you’ll get a sharp & classy Mercedes- Benz A-Class Limousine worth ₹40 Lakhs!

There are 3 Audi Q2’s, 4 Toyota Fortuner, & so on…

The Two players of leaderboard, One the Weekly leaderboard topper “The Hitler” or you can say “The Man of the Match” and the Monthly Leaderboard topper “Player of the series” will get the additional prizes.

Lets talk about the Challenges.

Play Ur Innings Challenge

This challenge will run for 22 days, from April 11 to May 3. The more hands you play on the specified stakes, the more “runs” you collect to become eligible for daily, weekly, and monthly prizes. This challenge is for the stakes less than of ₹50/₹100.

The scoring system.

Bronze: For low Stakes of ₹1/₹2, ₹2/₹5 and ₹5/₹10

BronzeNo. of HandsRuns
[1.00 / 2.00]41
[2.00 / 5.00]21
[5.00 / 10.00]11

The Rewards

The top 15 ranked players on the leaderboard will earn prizes ranging from ₹500 to ₹5,000 Daily. The site will be handing out ₹25,000 daily and ₹5.50 Lakhs through the promotion.

6th – 7th₹1,500
8th – 10th₹1,000
11th – 15th₹500

Silver: For mid-stakes of ₹10/₹25, ₹25/₹50, and ₹50/₹100

SilverNo of HandsRuns
[10.00 / 25.00]3.001.0
[25.00 / 50.00]2.001.0
[50.00 / 100.00]1.001.0

There are ₹50,000 in prizes to be won daily, an additional ₹75,000 every week, and ₹1 Lakh through the month as part of the Silver payouts.Show 102550100 entriesSearch:

CategoryTop HitterPlayer of MatchPlayer of Series
6th – 7th₹3,000
8th – 10th₹2,000
11th – 15th₹1,000

SixCR Challenge

The SixCR Challenge is for the high stakes players. The stakes will start from ₹100/₹200 or more. This challenge run time will be from April 11 up to May 31. You have to play more hands to make more runs & hit the Milestone to achieve you rewards. The rewards are really big. he SixCR Challenge offers attractive prizes ranging from Spartan Poker goodies, game bonuses, electronics, Las Vegas packages, and international trips. The rewards get more lucrative as players hit the top milestones of “runs.”

The first player to reach the 10,000-run milestone gets to drive home in a Jaguar XE worth ₹50 Lakhs and will receive 101% Rakeback!

The Rewards.

Sr No.PrizePrize ValueRunsNumber of prizes
1stJaguar XE₹50,00,00010,0001
2ndMercedes-Benz A-Class Limousine₹40,00,0009,0002
3rdAudi Q2₹35,00,0008,7503
4thToyota Fortuner₹30,00,0007,8004
5thKIA Carnival₹25,00,0007,5004
6thLas Vegas Package – Business Class₹20,00,0007,0005
7thHarley Davidson – Low Rider S₹15,00,0006,0005
8thHarley Davidson – Iron 883₹10,00,0004,5005
9thVolkswagen Polo₹7,50,0003,75020
10thBREITLING Navitimer – A24322121C1P1₹5,00,0002,75020

It’s time for you to brace yourself & fight for your winnings. Make as much run as you can & Drive home with a shining Jagaur XE. Go Sign-up on Spartan Poker Now!!.

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